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Dressler’s uses a truck-mounted hot-water extraction process for all residential and commercial wall-to-wall carpet. This process is the deepest, most thorough cleaning you can give your carpet without over-wetting it. In some situations, where drying time is of the utmost importance, speed drying with a rotary machine can be used in conjunction with the extraction process. All cleaning includes pre-conditioning of high-traffic areas, and application of spot removers where necessary. During the extraction process, pressurized hot water with cleaning agents is applied to your carpet and almost immediately extracted back out to leave your carpet clean and only slightly damp. Drying times vary depending on density of carpet fibers, what material(s) the carpet is made from, and relative humidity and/or temperature of the work area. Generally, carpets will dry within 12 hours. As stated above, drying time can be minimized with the use of the speed drying process.


Oriental carpets usually require a special cleaning process. They are most often made from wool, and are not always colorfast. It is difficult to clean Oriental carpets and area rugs on location, so that is why it is preferable to take these back to our shop to be cleaned properly. If there is fringe involved, it needs to be cleaned by hand after the body of the carpet is cleaned. Most often, these carpets are installed over hard wood floors, which can present a problem with over-spray from the cleaning process. There are some situations that prevent the carpet from being removed and provisions can be made to clean them on site.


This is where the IICRC certification really makes a difference. There are so many different upholstery fabrics, that identification of which is of utmost importance when it comes to knowing how best to clean them. Newer furniture may now come with a cleaning instruction tag under the cushions, but if not, it is left up to the technician to decide how he or she is going to clean it. Substantial improvements have been made in the cleaning agents and tools that are available to the upholstery cleaner. Be assured that Dressler’s will always have the latest technologies available. Even with these improvements, there are still situations where water cannot be used safely to clean a particular fabric. In these cases, a dry cleaning solvent must be used in order to avoid damage to the material.