Price List

Carpet Cleaning

Wall to Wall (including furniture moving)- $.40 per sq.ft.

Vacant rooms and/or traffic lanes- $.30 per sq. ft.

Stain Protection (Dupont Teflon)- $.20 per sq.ft.


One sided (Tread only)- $2.00 each

Two sided (Tread and riser)- $3.00 each

Stain Protection- $1.00 each

(Cleaning prices include pre-vacuuming, preconditioning, extraction,

most spotting, and grooming)

Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa, Loveseat

Synthetic Fabrics (coded W)- sofa $80.00, loveseat $60

Cottons, Silks, Linens (coded S or SW)- sofa $120, loveseat $90

Stain Protection- sofa $40, loveseat $30

Chairs & Recliners

Arm chair (coded W)- $40.00

(coded S)- $50.00

Recliner- (coded W) $50.00

(coded S)- $60.00

Dining Room chairs- seat only (coded W) $10.00

(coded S)- $15.00

Stain Protection (coded W)- 50% of cleaning

(coded S)- 33% of cleaning

Area Rugs

Synthetic*- $1.25 per sq.ft.

Wool, Cotton, Silk*- $2.25 per sq.ft.

*Best results are obtained through plant cleaning

Deodorization is available for all fabrics and is priced according to the severity of each given situation.

Specialized spotting billed at $100/hr.

Some stains are permanent.

All services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.